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RAVE ATLAS MIX SERIES EP 09 W/ SPECIAL GUEST Monica Soldan - São Paulo, Brazil


RAVE ATLAS MIX SERIES EP 09 W/ SPECIAL GUEST Monica Soldan - São Paulo, Brazil

Rave Atlas Mix Series EP 09

Monica Soldan - São Paulo, Brazil

CONNECT WITH Monica Soldan:

Episode #9 of our ever growing Mix Series, comes courtesy of Monica Soldan.

Her journey into electronic sounds is filled with unique, contagious grooves and melodies heavily influenced by her travels and culturally diverse musical history.

Being Brazilian/German, Monica is blessed with the best of each culture, something that heavily reflects on her sound, whether its mixing or producing.

She started her DJ career playing records at the legendary São Paulo club Lov.e and soon after became a resident DJ at the iconic ‘Skye’ rooftop.

Since then Monica has toured Europe, Asia, Middle East, Brazil, Japan and the USA playing at various rooftops, poolside parties, nightclubs and exclusive events. 

Carl Cox, Bloody Mary, Robert Owens, Josh Wink, Thomas Schumacher, Darius Syrossian and DJ Steve Lawler are few of the renowned artists that Monica has shared decks with.

2005 found her moving to London in order to study Music Technology & Production, where she fell in love with East London’s party scene and especially FUSE.

Her talent and passion earned her gigs at Brixton Academy, The Coronet Theatre, Egg Club and the 02 Arena along with residencies at the legendary Caligula, Discophobia and Hysteria parties.

Her DJ sets span the spectrum of the 'techno sphere' creating an endless revolution. 

Be prepared for an enigmatic musical experience, a seamless voyage from the deepest house to the most intimate sophisticated as well raving techno.

2019 finds Monica equally splitting time between São Paulo-Berlin-London & the world, and returning to the studio after a long break , and preparing her first solo EP and her upcoming exclusive live show. 

Here is 90 minutes of techno at all its forms with tracks from: Marcel Fengler, Rod, Z.I.P.P.O, Shacke, Pisetzky, Donnato Dozzy, Mr Oizo, Rote, Dj Nobu, Alpi, Dj Deeon, Vil, Paralix, Mike Gervais, Mark Groot, Kuff, Jeff Derringer, Blasha & Allatt, Ellen Allien & Third Son. 

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