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RAVE ATLAS MIX SERIES EP 03 W/ SPECIAL GUEST Yanna Thomas - Athens, Greece


RAVE ATLAS MIX SERIES EP 03 W/ SPECIAL GUEST Yanna Thomas - Athens, Greece


SPECIAL GUEST Yanna Thomas | Athens, Greece

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Episode 03 of Rave Atlas Mix Series appears as sonic courtesy of Yanna Thomas.

The Athens/Greece based DJ, musician, radio producer, photographer and overall creative individual, started her journey in 2007 and since then is on a mission to “train” the average ear with unique and authentic sounds.

In this 12 years adventure she has performed in numerous clubs and festivals all over Greece.

Seduced from a very young age by quality electronica, drum n bass, jungle, braindance, IDM, EBM, techno, cinematic scores, breaks, electro beats, industrial wave, acid house , hip hop and bass music there is a unique, unconventional expression to anything Yanna plays.

One of her favorites quotes are:

"It is an unspeakable feeling seeing your audience in a delirious state of mind transforming to wavejumpers".

Exactly that feeling is being reflected on her contribution for our Mix Series.

Technically flawless, covering a wide spectrum of electronic music’s greater landscape, with original tracks and remixes from Dynamix II, Drexciya, Dopplereffekt , The Prodigy, Special Request, Jungle Brothers, Aphrodite, Renegade, The Suburban Knight, The Break Boys, Chaos from Underground Resistance, Detroit’s Filthiest, Volsoc, Privacy, Cesloten Cirkel, Schizolectric, House Syndicate, DJ Lee, Awesome 3 & Kicks Like A Mule this mix will get you “raving” at work, home or wherever you are.

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