Rave Atlas Mix Series EP 08

D'Arcangelo - Rome, Italy

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Our brothers and sisters in vibe, for Episode #8 of our Mix Series we are thrilled to present you D'Arcangelo.

There are a lot of contemporary electronic music makers that wish they had just one release on Rephlex Records.

They are getting excited if Aphex Twin includes one of their tracks in his mixes.

D'Arcangelo have released 5 long players, and 2 e.p's on Rephlex Records, and their tracks are included in Aphex Twin sets regularly, for 25 years more or less.

Fabrizio and Marco D'Arcangelo are undisputedly one of the best, if not the top  one, IDM/Braindance production and live performance outfits that ever came out of Italy.. 

Although getting into production since 1992, it's was after two years, 1994, that the first releases came out on "Hot Trax" under the "Centuria City" alias, and on "Out Of Orbit" as "Autonomia Division".

1994 is the year that the first long player titled "Alternative Fluid", was released on "Disturbance" , with the duo using their "Monomorph" moniker. 

Couple of releases followed as "D Duo" on "Boreal' before D'Arcangelo unveiled themselves to the world with the same name iconic, plain gold sleeved, e.p on Rephlex  Records, for those that don't know owned by Aphex Twin himself and Grant Wilson.

Also 1996 saw the birth of "Molecular Recordings" and the duo flexing their skills on dancefloor orientated techno sounds as "Intermolecular Forces", both joint projects with Marco Lenzi.

The D'Arcangelo brothers were one of  the founding fathers of the Braindance movement, and developed a unique experimental electronic sound, that influenced and still influences IDM & Electronica music makers up to this present day.

With releases lately on Suction Records, Analogical Force, Happy Skull & Furthur Electronix, there is no sign of D'Arcangelo stepping down from music making.

This 90 minutes exclusive mix comes with tracks from:

Phono Ghosts, Kinesthesia, Octavcat, Ceephax, Arpanet, Ochre, Rzeng, Balil, Aleksi Perala, John Foxx and The Maths, Bochum Welt, The Tuss, Stretta, Listening Centre, bossFYTE, VAETXH, Brainwaltzera, FFT, Ilkae, Solvent, Alan Codger Project, Secede, Ask Koosha, The Flashbulb, Lusine, Ariadne’s Labyrinth, Karsten Pflum, Venetian Snares, RWD & Morphology.

In D’Arcangelo’s own words:

“This is our eclectic, sometime short, sometime longer, cryptic and uncnventional mix with no logic, but with a couple of 'one odd out', one famous, one not yet...definitely not the usual techno fixed beat bits....is simply us”

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