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Episode #30 of the Rave Atlas Mix Series comes courtesy of the outfit Les Bakkhai, the joint project of Imma Vikk and Miss Adk.

The Buenos Aires based djs/producers, two of the most active figures of the Argentinian capital’s underground party scene with a plethora of releases on labels like NGRecords(NewGeneration), Toxic Recordings, BlackDrop Records, Oxytech Records, Finder Records, Expo Techno, BlackVogue Records, Techno Legends Records, Teksessions Records, NTH 2015 Records, Techdics House Audio, Black Bore Records, 4M Recordings, Fat Sounds Lab, Underground Beat Code, Newra Records, Subwoofer Records, Ecstasy State, Frieden Label, Dead Groovy Music, Paroxysm Music, Liquid Sunshine, Jambalay Records, Up And At'em Records & Pure Dope Digital and regular shows for venues and promoters like:

Hotel Bauen, Bahrein, Cocoliche, Bed Baires/Vox, Sudeste, La cigale, Complejo Apsara (Zárate), Pin up (Mar del Plata), Kosmoss Sounds (Colonia, Uy), Concepto Underground (Córdoba), La Capilla, Requiem, Cocoliche, Kobold, Submerged, Vincent, TCQ, Minelek, El Galpón Techno and PULSE - Techno.

Eliana is also the resident for ROOM. collective and hosts her “Underworld" radio show on Fnoob Techno Radio.

These two techno soldiers decided to merge their styles to generate a powerful dark techno sound, with a lot of groove and become one.

Les Bakkhai is the name of the duo in honor of the Bacchantes, women worshipers of the god Bacchus in ancient Greece , also known as Dionysus.

The discovery of beer and later that of wine was associated by farmers to a god imprisoned by the "divine madness." Subsequently, the union of Bacchus with the god Pan gave him a feminine turn due to the fertility rites of the cult of the latter: the bacchantes, or worshipers of the god Bacchus, were the ones who carried out these rites, the Bacchic mysteries, secret ceremonies mostly forbidden to men.

The knowledge of the cult has reached to our days because of Eurípides and his play Las Bacantes.

Both the midwives and the maidens went up in procession to a solitary mountain and for a few days, without contact with any man, they threw themselves into a rampage of alcohol, mysticism and hallucinogens.

The rite contained many wild and archaic elements, but also a lot of erotic content: Euripides tells us that they spent whole nights dancing naked, excited in an ecstasy, not only because of alcohol. These practices were supposed to promote fertility, and midwives played priestesses by providing alcohol and hallucinogenic drugs to young women. Legend has it that they roamed the forests insinuating themselves and hurting the men they encountered. The dance of the mornings was the central rite of the ceremonies. All this was aimed at women obtaining the "enthusiasm" (which etymologically means the "entry of God") in the initiate. Women who believed they had made love with the gods considered themselves lucky and protected. It is assumed that these rituals did not disappear completely and remained in hiding...

The spirit of those rites is what Eliana & Rocio want to revive.

And we are very honored here in Rave to present you the first Les Bakkhai mix ever with original cuts and remixes from:

Amber, re:axis, Eric Sneo, Veerus, Coyu, Goncalo M, Marika Rossa, Deborah De Luca, Giovanni Carozza, Giacomo Renzi, Fatima Haji, Angy Kore, Otin, Niereich Shyadm Tximeleta, George Makrakis & MTech, Keith Carnal, Einhorn(DE), Modular Phaze, Quentin Ravn, TWCOR & Endlec.

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