Rave Atlas Mix Series EP 022

Nijmegen, Netherlands

Bio : The 22nd installment of our “all things rave” mix series, comes courtesy of Feryne, a real music freak, mixing her favorite electro, idm and techno tracks since 2005. 

She is the former co-editor at “Selection Sorted”Techno Podcast and have been a guest in numerous radio shows and podcasts.

Her vibes led to gigs in various clubs in -her home country- Hungary(Kontra, wndrlnd, Corvintetõ, Müszi, Kuplung, R33, Egál), Slovakia, Austria, Romania, Croatia and France.

She is currently based in Nijmegen,the Netherlands.

In her sets she prefers harsh sounds, loves to mix electro and assimetric techno tunes together.

Since September 2018 she is running her own show, 'bAnger management' on FNOOB Techno Radio.

Feryne comes with a 90 minutes powerfull techno set, with music from:

The Dag, Phoenecia, Keepsakes, LMajor, 6SISS, Boxwork, Sigma Zigurat, Interferon, Wichniowski, Rendered, Carmen, Duke Slammer, Xoplysm, Fret, Monster X, Blush Response, Karren, b.mod, Gore Tech, Zohar, JKS, Vlaysin, Ruke Lidchard, Corroid & Xanah, Miller, Tymon, Axel Picodot, Airod, Perc, & Eigenheimer.

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Every Thursday Rave Atlas is offering you the best music the global Electronic Music scene & Rave Culture has to offer, powered by Chill Lover Radio.

Feryne has been part of the Rave Atlas family almost since day one.

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Track List

1. The Dag - Dasal

Buy Link: https://ravensigh.bandcamp.com/track/dasal

Record Label: Raven Sigh

2. Phoenecia - Conummity Coolge

Buy Link: https://www.forcedexposure.com/Catalog/va-advanced-public-listening-1-cd/LIRD.1001CD.html#



3. Keepsakes - Selfies Are For The Weak

Buy Link: https://havenakl.bandcamp.com/track/selfies-are-for-the-weak

Record Label: HAVEN

4. LMajor - The Power (Boxwork Remix)

Buy Link:

Record Label: WNCL Recordings


5. 6SISS - Prisma

Buy Link: https://6siss.bandcamp.com/album/prisma

Record Label: R&S Records

6. Sigma Zigurat - Emissions

Buy Link: https://noctambular.bandcamp.com/track/emissions

Record Label: Noctambular

7. Interferon - Friction

Buy Link: https://impetorec.bandcamp.com/track/friction

Record Label: IMPETO Records

8. Wichniowski - Reisser

Buy Link: https://otomotrax.bandcamp.com/track/reisser

Record Label: Ōtomo

9. RENDERED - Burnintrashfloor

Buy Link: https://nocturnalfrequenciesrecords.bandcamp.com/track/burnintrashfloor

Record Label: Nocturnal Frequencies Records

10. Carmen - Time to move (duke slammer remix)


Buy Link:

Record Label:

11. Xoplysm - kneecapped


Buy Link:

Record Label:

12. Fret - Salford Priors (Monster X Version)

Buy Link: https://www.juno.co.uk/products/fret-salford-priors-version/729913-01/

Record Label: Black Opal

13. Blush Response - Body Architect

Buy Link: https://aufnahmeundwiedergabe.bandcamp.com/track/body-artifact

Record Label: aufnahme + wiedergabe

14. Karenn - Salz

Buy Link: https://www.deejay.de/Karenn_Kind_of_Green_VOAM001_Vinyl__353757

Record Label: Voam

15. b.mod - Sly Me

Buy Link: https://bmod-stickyground.bandcamp.com/track/sly-me

Record Label: Sticky Ground

16. Gore Tech - Pathogen Slumber

Buy Link: https://ohmresistance.bandcamp.com/track/pathogen-slumber

Record Label: Ohm Resistance

17. Zohar - Plastik

Buy Link: https://zoharzohar.bandcamp.com/track/plastik

Record Label: ZOHAR

18. JKS - Rock The House

Buy Link: https://molekul.bandcamp.com/album/firedance-ep-mlkl016

Record Label: Molekül

19. Vlaysin - Born Again

Buy Link: https://plsuk.bandcamp.com/track/vlaysin-born-again

Record Label: Pls.Uk

20. Ruke Lidchard - Atmophob (Original Mix)

Buy Link:

Record Label: Death Bell Records


21. CORROID & xanah - Leider Out

Buy Link: https://corroid76.bandcamp.com/track/leider-out

22. Myler - SilverScreen


Buy Link:

Record Label: DSNT Records

23. Tymon - Rioted

Buy Link: https://perctrax.bandcamp.com/track/rioted

Record Label: Perc Trax

24. Axel Picodot - Raving Tool

Buy Link: https://blvckplvgue.bandcamp.com/track/b2-axel-picodot-raving-tool

Record Label: blvckplvgue

25. Kaylah - Fuck The Games

Buy Link: https://greenfetishrecords.bandcamp.com/track/kaylah-fuck-the-games

Record Label: Green Fetish Records

26. AIROD - Universe of 90's Techno Parties (Perc Remix)

Buy Link: https://molekul.bandcamp.com/track/universe-of-90s-techno-parties-perc-remix

Record Label: Molekül

27. Eigenheimer - Wee wur yung (1998)


Buy Link:

Record Label: