Rave Atlas Mix Series EP 016

Involuntary Movement - Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Episode #16 of The Rave Atlas Mix Series comes courtesy of Involuntary Movement, that stands for a vinyl only record label and dj/production outfit.

INMO came to life in 2015 when Christian Di Stefano met DeStrict (currently manager of INMO label and owner of Opium Audio).

The outfit has a distinct house, techno and jazz influenced sound, yet unique.

Somehow its a level on their own. 

The following 90 minutes is a perfect example of what their sound vision is all about with music from:
Andrea Ferlin, Behache, Cabanne, Daniele Papini, Demas, Denis Kaznacheev, Francesco Assenza, Herck, Let Kolben, MoMa, Nektar Agu, Phillip Rivera, Sepp, Silat Beksi, Stiven Escarraga, Stress, Tijn and Involuntary Movement themselves.

Extra thanks to INMO for providing a tracklist, as they usually want the mix as an entity to do the talk, and not the listener to be preoccupied with titles.

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