Rave Atlas Mix Series EP 02

SPECIAL GUEST Waje Dj | Madrid, Spain


- Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WAJE-DJ-151526284980764/

- Website: http://industriasmekanikas.com/

For Episode #2 the Rave Atlas Mix Series touches down at Madrid.

We are very honored to have one of the Spanish capital’s most creative individuals that goes under the name of Waje Dj, taking the controls for our next 90 minutes raveform transmission.

Dj’ing since 1989, Waje dj sets had a very distinct sound, a blend of 80’s industrial and EBM, and early 90’s electro, techno & trance.

In 1995 he created the Robotique collective with Dj Fake , as an outlet to play the sounds of Drexciya, Aux 88, Ectomorh, Anthony Rother, Carl Finlow, and IF..

That was a pivotal moment in the Spanish Capital’s underground scene , as electro took its righteous place beside house and 4/4 techno, that until then where dominating Madrid’s dance-floors.

Soon after Robotique , Waje moved on creating the legendary Electroclub 8Z8, making an entire cast of national and international acts, such as Ideograma, Alek Stark, Dark Vektor, Luke Eargoggle, Syllicon Scally, Manasyt, Cosmic Force , Minimal Rome Crew, Kobol Electronic, Teslasonic, Microthol, and many more , firm favorites of Madrid’s raving society.

Still up to this day Waje is one of the most forward thinking djs in Spain, running events like Moebium, focusing more on electro and 4/4 techno and Orbita ,where he unveils his more cosmic, experimental and industrial persona.

Everybody in Madrid , involved into the proper underground scene, considers Waje a teacher, both for his explicit and flawless mixing technique and his in depth knowledge of contemporary electronic music.

The mix he did for us is a proper masterclass covering almost 30 years of electronic music and rave culture, featuring tracks from renowned artists like Model 500, “Mad” Mike Banks, Joey Beltram, LFO Vs FUSE, Rhythm is Rhythm, Suburban Knight, X 101, Neil Landstrumm, Dj ESP, A Homeboy A Hippie & A Funky Dredd, and hidden killer gems from Thotfull Spot III, Ravebusters, OBX, Major Problems, After Dark, The Electric Ecstacy Club, Konzept, Total Groove, Noise Control, Virtual Reality & Reflex 20.

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Rave Atlas Mix Series EP 01 w/ Special Guest Waynette | Berlin, Germany


Rave Atlas Mix Series EP 01 w/ Special Guest Waynette | Berlin, Germany

Rave Atlas Mix Series EP 01

Special Guest Waynette | Berlin, Germany

Connect with Waynette :

- Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/waynettewaynette

- Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/waynettewaynette/

- Resident Advisor: https://www.residentadvisor.net/dj/waynette

First Episode in Rave Atlas Mix Series appears courtesy of WAYNETTE.
What her sets sound like?
Mind bending ravey techno is an understatement. 
If Jeff Mills remixed Caustic Window or the other way around, probably would sound like this. 
In her own words the artist says the  main influences in her sound come from her early raving days, when she was mainly attending warehouse psychedelic trance, drum n bass and hardcore/gabber parties.
The Berlin based dj/producer has already built a reputation in the German capital’s underground circuit, performing at some of the city’s most underground raves.
Production wise she is part of the Supply Records and also A&R for Favela Noir Records , a label that just restored operations for 2019.

And least but not last she is one of the core members of the Rave Atlas family.
It cant get any ravier than this mix , and we could not be happier sharing it with our global raving family. With tracks from  Ayarcana,  Cressida, EDMX, Fallhaber, Iliar, Inhalt Der Nacht, Kris Goad, Lars Huismann, Mab, Manni Dee, Metapattern, N.A.A.F.I, OGUZ, Opal, Pier, Savagery, Sensive, Sorn, Torgue, and Waynette herself this is not a mix for the faint hearted.


Rave Atlas Mix Series Announcement 2019


Rave Atlas Mix Series Announcement 2019

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