Not everybody understands House music. This phrase has never been more on point than in today’s over saturated market of ghost producers, cake throwers and unplugged DJ sets. Yet Traxsource’s roots can be traced all the way back to the very foundations that real House music was built upon. Company founders Brian Tappert and Marc Pomeroy have been involved in the scene since it’s humble beginnings and continue to carry the torch a quarter of a century later.

Traxsource is the modern home for real house music. Created, built and managed by DJ’s and producers with decades of experience who are just as active on today’s scene. Traxsource’s drive is fuelled by the ethos of a ‘music store with the attitude of an independent record label.
Whether it was selling bespoke vinyl in the halcyon days of house or digital music to today’s tech savvy audience, the Traxsource team have always delivered the perfect platform for the
finest labels and producers to promote their artistry. Not everyone needs to understand it, because Traxsource IS house music.
Traxsource LIVE is the most essential radio show on the planet for real house music. First started in February 2015, they now broadcast on over 80 radio networks worldwide via FM,
Satellite, DAB and online platforms. We broadcast in more than 20 countries and have a total listenership of over 4 million people per episode and rising.
Featuring new and exclusive Traxsource content every week from their residents Brian Tappert and John Julius Knight. They provide a well curated platform for the next big club tracks to rub shoulders with internationally renowned guest DJs. Traxsource LIVE is the future of the underground.
The listeners and supporters of Chill Lover Radio understand House music. Traxsource Live is a natural fit to the stellar programming already offered on our network. Chill Lover Radio is honored to have Traxsource Live aired every week Wednesday at 7 PM EDT, 6 PM CDT, 4 PM PDT, 12Midnight BST (Thurs. Morning), 1 AM CEST (Thurs Morning), and 2 AM EEST (Thurs. Morning). 
We take pride in offering the absolute best content. Traxsource Live aligns perfectly with our mission to be “The place where DJ’s and podcasters meet to change the world.”

Excerpts of this taken from the Traxsource Live Press Release

Written By Dancin’ Mark