Friday, April 21st

United By Music Presents: Brandon Morales With Dancin' Mark At The Palms Nightclub Connecticut

With Music by:

- DJ Brandon Morales (Def Mix Records / Chill Lover Radio )

- Dancin' Mark (Chill Lover Radio)

- VIP Tables 917.831.2309

Doors open at 9 PM

The Palms Nightclub
129 Atlantic Street
Stamford, Connecticut 06901


Brandon Morales: Nuyorican Jamaican, born & bred in Brooklyn; DJ Brandon Morales is carrying on the legacy into which he was born; the DJ Diamond Life. As a precocious child, he began blending beats & vocals at age 11, on wax in true school fashion; with an Urei 1620 Rotary Mixer & pair of Technics sl1200’s under the tutelage of his father David Morales who is well known as a superstar DJ, revolutionary remixer and Grammy award winning record producer.


At the prestigious WMC 2011, for the “Resurrection” album preview pool party at the swank Shelbourne Hotel, Brandon humbly spun a fierce opening set for Frankie Knuckles, Hector Romero, Quentin Harris and singing sensation, Ultra Nate.


Brandon Morales is not just the prince of a king of recording royalty. He is a shining star about to explode onto the international music horizon.


Dancin' Mark: "Connoisseur of deep and energetic dance grooves with diverse beats and vocals blended to create an upbeat, spirited, and positive vibe."


That is how Mark describes himself as a DJ. Mark's musical inspirations from his childhood and many years in the NYC club scene helped to bring life to what would become one of his biggest passions. He is very active and is no stranger to performing at some of the most exclusive venues and events in and out of his home state of Connecticut. 


"For me, it's all about that depth and positive energy found in many diverse styles and formats across the musical spectrum put together much like a gourmet chef puts together a tasty menu. I love playing songs that can be nostalgic, cause you to nod your head, urge you to get up out of your seat and dance, or just put you into a feel good mood."

The Palms Nightclub