Chill Lover Radio welcomes Techniche. The Southern Californian dance institution with global reach and universal aspirations representing Tech-House and Techno at it’s monthly venue, city-wide festivals, and “satellite” events hosted in local nightclubs and other explorative venues. Anchored by DJs Myxzlplix and John Vilotti, Techniche is the reigning destination for it’s Southern California local talents and international guests DJs. and has remained steadfast in establishing itself as a significant vehicle for quality Tech-House, Techno & the “darker side” of House Music which is currently ruling the global dance-scape.


2017 was a momentum-fueled year for the Techniche brand with the launch of their weekly radio show broadcast. That momentum moves right into 2018 with the addition of their show to the weekly lineup every Thursday at 1 AM EDT (NYC) | 12 AM CDT(CHI) | 11 PM PDT (LV/ LA/ SD) | 6 AM GMT (London/ UK) reaching audiences internationally, The show features studio sessions and selections of their live audio recordings of each event by it’s residents and guest DJ's alike advocating Techniche’s sound and talents.


Chill Lover Radio is proud to have this top quality show added to our programming schedule. We strive to bring you our valued listeners and supporters the very best in content like Techniche or any one of the many great shows in our lineup from all over the world. No hurdle is too great to achieve this goal as your enjoyment is paramount.


*Excerpts of this article were taken from the website “About” page.


Please visit for more information about their upcoming or past events, resident and guest DJ’s,  as well as their apparel.


Written and arranged by Dancin’ Mark