Our goal here at Chill Lover Radio is to provide you the best quality programming with the most convenient ways to listen. We have a major announcement which will revolutionize the way you are able to listen to our live shows and podcasts. We are excited to introduce our new sponsor OnlineRadioBox. We are even more excited to announce the introduction of our very own Chill Lover Radio app available for iOS and Android platforms developed by OnlineRadioBox. Our app allows any listener to enjoy either our live shows or podcasts anywhere worldwide from their smartphone, tablet, or mobile device.

OnlineRadioBox recognized the need to be able to gather all of the radio stations of the world in one place as well as allow people to be able to listen to them for free. Times have changed since listening to the radio through a good old receiver on either AM or FM frequencies, twisting the tuning knob and listening to the whispers of the switching radio stations. The Chill Lover radio app developed using their platform directly applies it to our live programs and podcasts to provide anyone with access to our top quality content anytime, anywhere. This provides our listeners and supporters with unlimited access to our content.  


This announcement is one of the proudest moments we here at Chill Lover Radio have had since our inception. To be able to provide this unlimited access to our valued listeners and supporters gives us great joy. Please download us to your device and spread the word about it. We thank you for your continued support and enjoyment.


*Excerpts of this article were taken from the OnlineRadioBox.com website “About” column.


Written and arranged by Dancin’ Mark