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Saturday, April 1

Forward Disco Presents: 
A Birthday Celebration for Hector Romero (Def Mix) along with Forward Disco residents: Sean Cormac & Chili Davis

For the second straight year, Forward Disco‘s unofficial ambassador, Hector Romero (Def Mix) will be celebrating his birthday with us for our monthly event at Cielo

Since being one of our original guests way back in 2013, Hector has been a Forward Disco favorite, consistently bringing an energy and vibe that always seems to one-up his last visit. But it goes without saying that Hector has some extra treats in his bag and an extra pep in his step when the ante is upped for his birthday. Add in that will be fresh off of another packed schedule in Miami for WMC, we fully expect this night to be one for the books. Forward Disco residents Sean Cormac and Chili Davis will be setting up the birthday boy for the evening.


Info Credit: Cielo & Forward Disco

Graphic Credit: Forward Disco