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Soundmen On Wax Radio Show Ep 68 Ft Special Guest Dancin’ Mark


Soundmen On Wax Radio Show Ep 68 Ft Special Guest Dancin’ Mark

     The “ Connoisseur of deep and energetic dance grooves” and Chill Lover Radio affiliate Dancin’ Mark has been selected to be a guest on the upcoming Soundmen On Wax radio broadcast that has now launched to the podcast. This show is famous for incorporating any combination of the many styles that you’ll find in their diverse catalog of timeless music between Gospel House, Deep House, R&B, Neo Soul and other eclectic sounds risen from the masterminds of
Soundmen's camp of producers, writers, and vocalists. Dancin’ Mark has put together a well-rounded broadcast complimenting the style that this shows listeners and supporters look
forward to experiencing each and every broadcast. The featured producers and remixers you’ll experience in this broadcast include Ngaiire, Lancelot, Nteeze & Andy, Anthony Poteat,
Chymamusique, Jimpster, Hyenah, Filippo Fedetto, DJ Alexia, Soulstik, Silvano Del Gado, Jill Scott, Hakeem Syrbram, DJ Ra-Soul, Don Crisp, Erin Leah, N’dinga Gaba, Spiritchaser, DJ Carlos Florez, Doug Gomez, Corvino Traxx, Neapolitan Soul, Skunky a.k.a. Denn Punk, Smashing Sebastian, Anton Stellz, Mike Millrain, Mick James, Processing Vessel, Jero Nougues, Latest Craze, Joseph Chetty, Next Door But One, Supernova, Ann Saunderson, Shur-i-kan, and Wonji. Tune in and enjoy this on any one of the many platforms Chill Lover Radio hosts their podcasts on. Producers and Remixers names and associated social media links for you to link to their names listed above in the write-up

1. Ngaiire -

Lancelot -

2. Nteeze & Andy -

Anthony Poteat -

Chymamusique -

3. Jimpster -

Hyenah -

4. Filippo Fedetto -

Anthony Poteat - See Track 2
5. DJ Alexia -

Soulstik - No Social Media Found

6. Silvano Del Gado -

7. Jill Scott -

Hakeem Syrbram -

8. DJ Ra-Soul -

Don Crisp -

9. Erin Leah - No Social Media Links

N’dinga Gaba -

Spiritchaser -

10. Carlos Florez -

11. Doug Gomez -

12. Corvino Traxx -

13. Neapolitan Soul -

14. Skunky a.k.a. Denn Punk -

15. Smashing Sebastian -

Anton Stellz - (Fan Page)

16. Spiritchaser - See Track 9

17. Mike Millrain - ,

Mick James -

18. Processing Vessel (Murat Vural) -

Jero Nougues -

19. Coeus -

20. Spiritchaser - See Track 9

21. Latest Craze -

Joseph Chetty -

22. Next Door But One -

23. Supernova -

Ann Saunderson -

Shur-i-kan -

24. Wonji -