3Bridge Records is based in Brooklyn, NY run by founder Greg Cuoco and Eric Shans. The host of Groove Affection Live “Dancin’ Mark” was introduced to Greg and Eric through friend and fellow DJ Brian Burnside. This label is known for their collection of sounds from around the world which push the frontiers of electronic music. It connects those who believe that sound, visuals and the landscape that surrounds them define the creative experience. It is this unique and carefully selected 3Bridge Records sound from the many talented producers who release music on this great label. Some of these producers include Sleepy & Boo, Gatto, Deep Woods, Brocartel, Futureworlder, Rick Wade, and Eric Shans. 3Bridge’s music has become a favorite of Groove Affection’s host Dancin’ Mark and is played often on its broadcasts. Building upon this relationship with 3Bridge Records and its owners Groove Affection welcome’s Eric Shans, one-half of 3Bridge records as the guest on the upcoming Groove Affection Guest Mix Series broadcasting on Wednesday, May 17th in North America and countries in these time zones at 8 pm EDT/ 7 PM CDT/ 5 PM PDT, in the United Kingdom at 1 AM BST, and in Europe at 2 AM CEST/ 3 AM EEST.
Born in NJ to a musically minded family, Eric’s earliest obsession with electronic music came from watching hours of new wave videos on MTV, computer game music, and getting his first Casio keyboard on which he would write small tunes and play them back endlessly. Later
influenced by industrial, and techno as well, he then began seriously producing music in 1998 and at that time, his earlier sounds ranged from harder edged aggressive sounds to techno influenced synth-pop which were on albums released under the Phenotract moniker (which he still continues to record under). While doing this, he has also produced and writes many other tracks suited for the dance floor recorded under his own name on the 3Bridge label. Inspired
paradoxically by both late night sounds, and melodic sunset/sunrise sets, he melds together the dreamy, the dirty, the light, and the dark -a formula that moves both the heart and the feet.

Written By: Dancin’ Mark

Credit: Some details within this blog post were taken from the 3Bridge Records

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