Monday Night March 13, 2017

The home for House and Electronic Music enthusiasts #UnitedByMusic on Monday nights hosted by Joseph Anthony are back with three very special guests this week. For the first time ever March 13th the two founding Members of “Anti-Social Tuesdays” at TBA Brooklyn Joseph Anthony a.k.a. “Soul Disorder” and Mert a.ka. “Y-ME” are stepping out from their roles as promoters and stepping behind the decks together along with ANDY THE ANIMAL of “Let TheMusic Speak” for what promises to be a night of great music and fun for all to enjoy!

  In Sept. 2013 Joseph Anthony & Merter Mert formed a brand called “Social Tuesdays,” a local party at TBA Brooklyn that was created to provide local up and coming DJ’s a platform to be able to be heard. “Social Tuesdays” evolved into “Anti-Social Tuesdays” breaking barriers by sustaining the local DJ element. Four years Later what started as a simple Tuesday night party has evolved into two distinct brands “Anti-Social” and “United By Music.”
Andy The Animal he is part of a movement called let the Music Speak with his partner Coda,

Andy has become a fabric of United By Music with his dj sets at Cielo.
Joseph Anthony's United By Music Mondays at Cielo began on May 8th 2016 after a 13 year run by Francois K and his legendary “Deep Space” party.

United By Music Mondays at Cielo has been host to special guest DJ’s such as Miss Jennifer, Richie Santana, Peter Bailey, Benny Soto, Mike Nervous, and Hex Hector grace the decks with their highly regarded styles and music selections.

As 2017 kicks into full swing pay very close attention to Joseph Anthony and Merter Mert. If history has shown us anything these two are here to stay.