I know many of you are wondering how Chill lover radio started. It initiated with a team of 4 individuals Dj’s with a dream in 2009.

A dream of streaming the music from different locations such as bars and clubs that was open to this new idea and willing to take a chance and try something new.It was a constant struggle that many did not understand the upcoming trend in the music industry. Through global live streaming the listeners are able to hear a variety of genres over the internet. Chill lover radio has put endless work and effort promoting live streaming through the use of social media website, blogs and checking out Dj’s and podcasters around the world that share the same love and passion in the music. As of 2013 chill lover radio is broadcasting worldwide and has a network of talented Dj’s from across the world. It is RAPIDLY growing internet radio station that includes affiliations with , EASY MO BEE, Pretty Pink, CHARLES PERRY, Ultra Naté, MR. V, JANICE ROBINSON
Inaya Day, michelle weeks ,STED-E & HYBRID HEIGHTS, Oscar p, Openbarmusic, moblack records, sp recording, k.i.d.k records, RHYTHM STAIRCASE and much more.

Chill lover radio has moved forward through SPONSORSHIP and has been successful throughout the years. The station started with 10 listening base countries and today it has over 100 worldwide countries listening to chill lover radio. The station has expanded to talk radio; dj’s live streaming on location and a very unique support system for the team. Chill lover Radio specializes in archiving and podcasting distribution, for our team to continue being successful.

Chill lover radio wants to thank our family, friends, and fans supports without you all are continue success would not be possible. Thank you to all who have recently joined chill lover radio and our goal is to continue expanding more listeners to enjoy live stream music.